Matukituki Charitable Trust


  • Department of Conservation
    Our thanks go to DOC for their support and enthusiasm, and providing expertise and resources so willingly.
  • Mountain Film Unit & Bear Grylls
    Our thanks go to MFU and Bear Grylls for their interest and generous sponsorship, which is so vital to this conservation project.
  • Webwidget
    For website support and design. Customer support patience and favourable rates for our cause have made developing this website a pleasure.
  • Thanks to Don Lousley for his regular photography contributions
    Don is a keen volunteer having been involved in many workparties, and has spent the 2016 winter clearing the lower valley traps on a regular basis. Visit his website at to view his photography,


    Various photos supplied by Southern Light Photography ~ Donald Lousley, Wanaka
  • Generous support from SHPG has enabled the Trust to appoint Paul Hellebrekers to the role of Project Manager. Pauls energy and enthusiasm has enabled the Trust to progress with our trapping programme at pace. The Trust is extremely grateful for SHPGs fantastic sponsorship.
  • Coleen and Stuart are very generously funding all the eggs for the 2016/17 trapping season: 344 dozen. That is a lot of eggs!They are also providing the helicopter flying time to support the volunteers establish the Mid-Ridge Trap Line this season, one of the last and more challenging lines to go in.
  • Generous sponsorship from LET has enabled commencement of a forest bird monitoring programme that will run for a 5 year period, starting in Spring 2016. LET is funding years one, including all of the start up costs, and year three of the programme. The monitoring programme will complement the existing kea and rock wren survey work and help determine the effectiveness of the Trusts predator control programme. LET Trustee, John May, has also provided use of their 4WD vehicle when other suitable vehicles are not available.
  • Tait Communications
    Tait Communications equipment helps us to stay safe in the back country by staying connected, even when we are working alone. Tait gear never stops working and gives great coverage, and it's made right here in New Zealand. The Trust has been very fortunate to have been sponsored 3 high spec radios by Tait Communications, suitable for field work even in rough, wet or alpine conditions. DoC have allowed them to set the frequencies to operate off their transmitters in the Matukituki Valley which otherwise has no signal.
  • Special thanks to a wonderful new sponsor who have committed to 5 years sponsorship to cover the annual ongoing costs and more traps not covered by other sponsors .
  • Southern Lakes Sanctuary
    Southern Lakes Sanctuary have been instrumental in providing support since their inception. Scott Bewley from SLS manages the checking, baiting and resetting of traps along with our volunteers, and SLS have provided bait stations which they have installed in the Red Beech forest. Ground crews have checked and reset traps to ensure their effectiveness. We hope to have a long relationship with SLS if they can continue beyond the Work for Nature funding.